Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Adoption? God has granted[1] that, in and for His only Son Jesus Christ,[2] all those who are justified[3] share in the grace of adoption. By this they are numbered with and enjoy...

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Repentance to Life and Salvation

Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Repentance to Life and Salvation? Some of the elect are converted in later years, having lived for some time in their natural state[1] in which they have served various...

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Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Sanctification? Those who are united to Christ, effectually called and regenerated, have a new heart and a new spirit created in them through the efficacy of Christ's death and...

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What do we believe?

The State of People After Death

What is The State of People After Death and The Resurrection of the Dead?

After death the bodies of people return to dust and undergo decomposition,[1] but their souls (which neither die nor sleep for they are immortal in essence) immediately return to God who gave them.[2] The souls of the righteous are then made perfect in holiness, they are received into paradise where they are with Christ and look on the face of God in light and glory, and wait for the full redemption of their bodies.[3] The souls of the wicked are cast into hell, where they remain in torment and utter darkness, reserved for judgment on the great day [of judgment].[4] For souls separated from their bodies, the Scripture acknowledges no other place than these two.

On the last day, those believers who are still alive will not die, but will be changed.[5] All the dead will be raised up[6] with their own bodies[7] (although these will have different qualities)[8] that will be united again to their souls forever.[9]

By the power of Christ the bodies of the unrighteous will be raised to dishonour.[10] By His Spirit[11] the bodies of the righteous will be raised to honour,[12] for they will be transformed to be like His own glorious body.[13]

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